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Tunisian brik

This comfort food by excellence, was sold from hole in the wall "restaurants", they cost a couple cents and some customers would bring their own egg to save a little money. (I will post a video soon)


2 c Water

2 c flour

  • Mix thoroughly the flour and water, to obtain a liquid yet opaque batter.

  • Heat your crepe machine or place a flat Teflon pan over boiling water

  • With a brush, paint the batter on the pan

  • Wait a couple minute for the wrapper to cook and separate from the pan


1/2 Onion



Chop Onion and Parsley together very thinly.

Salt generously. (salt will extract the water)

After they disgorged, rinse and squeeze all the remaining water out.


Heat frying oil to 365 degrees

Place a wrapper on a plate.

Form a circle in the middle with the onion parsley and tuna (you can add hot sauce)

Break an egg in the center

Fold the wrapper

Slide the Brik in the frying oil

Fry on both sides until golden brown

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